Pay for what you need

Our Premium Live Answering Service provides your business with a friendly, mature receptionist 24/7. Answering and handling your calls exactly how you decide

Plans are cost effective and designed so you “only pay for what you need”.

You have complete visibility of every call we answer and handle so it’s easy to see where you have been charged and what plan is best for you.

Stay in control of your costs ………. while ensuring you never miss another call!

Increase Profits by using our Premium Answering Service – 6 reasons to give it a go!. For 1, 6 or 606 staff.

  1. Totally flexible service
  2. NO Long Term Contracts. It is Month to Month. Cancel the service at any time. NO Cancellation Fees
  3. NO Set-Up Fees
  4. NO Security Deposits
  5. Change plans for FREE at any time as your call volumes vary. That way you “only pay for what you really need”
  6. Manage your plan through our iphone and android apps